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What is Breathwork?

We use the breath to find presence with our emotions and body

There is magic in the spaces we’ve kept hidden

Life experiences can lead us to hide away our fear, our excitement, our dreams. We do this to protect ourselves but, without those pieces, we can’t be whole and authentic. There is so much beauty there when we are ready to look. Breathwork can mean any practice where we use the breath to intentionally change our emotional state. 🔹 I facilitate one particular type of breathwork that can initiate non-ordinary states of consciousness. 🌀💜 #breathwork #intuition #anxiety #creativity #breathworkfacilitator #CapCut ♬ original sound – Kate | Breathwork Guide 🦋✨ Breathwork is a powerful tool for igniting your emotional, creative, & spiritual aliveness. Here’s what you can expect in a breathwork session with me as your facilitator. #breathwork #breathworksession #breathworkfacilitator #breathworkhealing #anxietyrelief #CapCut ♬ original sound – Kate | Breathwork Guide 🦋✨

The 3-Part Breath

This active breath pattern moves stagnant energy up and out of our bodies. It allows us to experience and release the emotions that we’ve kept locked away. 

When we do this, we make space for new energy to flow in. We might get creative ideas, messages from our guides, or sudden realizations about our lives. Or we might feel joy, relief, or calm.*


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About Kate

Kate is a breathwork facilitator, writer, and …. living in Minneapolis, MN on ……. land.


  • Breath Liberation Society Breathwork Facilitator Training (100hr course)
  • Additional supervision and training through BLS (Ongoing)

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Trusted Resources

Breath Liberation Society

BLS is a black and queer-run organization that is commited to creating access and awareness of breathwork and other healing modalities. 

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    Thank you

    Special thanks to Amy Kuretsky, Chauna Bryant, and contributers to Breath Liberation Society, who have created a path for me to do this work, and continue to build a breathwork community that is ethical, inclusive, and joyful.

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